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    5 Web Design Tips That Lead to Higher Conversions

    Web design has evolved into an important element in increasing conversions for your business. Gone were the days of blinking, rolling texts, colorful backgrounds, and even audio playing in the background. Nowadays, web designers have put away those practices, and have leveled up the game with professional website designs. As a premier web design company, […]

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    The Need for Responsive Web Design for Non Profits

    As more and more traffic is incoming from tablets and mobile devices, chances are that your business has at least considered a responsive web design. Responsive wed design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. LOJO, your Sacramento Web Design Company specializes with responsive websites. With these […]

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    FRONT-END SUPPORT APPLY BEFORE October 14th, 2013 LOJO, an award winning design, development, and marketing firm, located in Rocklin, California, currently seeks a pleasant front-line support representative. The individual will report to LOJO's CEO and CFO. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES Answer and direct phone calls Greet visitors and clients when visiting Assist existing clients with minor email [...]
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    Redesigning Your Logo: Its Impact and Effect on Your Brand

    Redesigning your company’s logo does not stop at graphic design. Your logo is the mask your company wears whenever you’re dealing with your consumers. Your company’s logo has the power to build your brand’s identity, thus enabling your customer to remember you amidst the thousands of businesses they encounter every day. Redesigning does not necessarily […]

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    Improving your Offline Customer Engagement Tactics

    In building a continuous relationship with your customers, it’s important to develop their loyalty towards your brand. Actions speak louder than words, “humanizing” your brand is an exceptionally inexpensive and easy way to reach out to your customers. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Your actions towards your customers are important when it […]

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    Dealing with Threats to Your Online Reputation

    After utilizing various marketing techniques to build your brand, what you have established is known as your online reputation. Having a reputation online is not a walk in the park to achieve, nor is it a bed of roses to maintain. There will always be situations coming your way to threaten your reputation. Keep in […]

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